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Russia to export eggs to Iran for the first time

JSC Poultry Farm Aksayskay has recently signed a contract to supply eggs to Iran, with the first shipment due to go to the Islamic Republic in February of 2014. According to experts this new destination export is both rare and "exclusive" for Russian poultry and eggs producers.

News about the contract between Poultry Farm Aksayska and the Islamic Republic of Iran came to light on Tuesday at a meeting with the Regional Legislative Assembly, when the Deputy Governor of the Rostov region Vyacheslav Vasilenko made a statement.

Experts from the Institute for Agricultural Market Studies (IKAR) have noted that a contract for Russia to supply Iran with eggs is "very exclusive".

"This direction of exporting eggs for our businesses is not typical. In fact Russia currently exports very few eggs outside CIS countries," said senior expert of IKAR Victoria Berland. According to her, in 2012, exports of domestic chicken table eggs amounted to 929.8 mln shares, of which 726 mln eggs were sent to Tajikistan, and the majority of the remaining eggs go to other CIS countries. Overall, in the past year, Russian poultry farms produced 39.3 billion table eggs.


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