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Turning poultry waste into profit

Jaime Luján Zilbermann
It seems everyone nowadays is into biofuels. But when the largest poultry processor in the world decides to enter the biofuels arena it makes a big difference.

It seems everyone nowadays is into biofuels. But when the largest poultry processor in the world decides to enter the biofuels arena, it makes a big difference.
The bigger trend in the industry, however, is how to go from waste to by-product. Although the fatty wastes of animal processing have always been rendered in order to make a sellable by-product, over the past couple of years, newer technologies have allowed the conversion of further wastes into higher-priced goods. Another recent example is the development of a biodegradable plastic from feathers.
In most of these cases, the technology is not entirely new, but based on decades-old research. What has prompted these new trends? There are several reasons for this, but the bottom line, as in any business is money. Why pay for the disposal of waste if you can transform it into something useful that can actually make money?
Furthermore, as the poultry processing industry has become more competitive, any reduction in costs or increase in profits can make the difference between a company staying in the market or sinking into oblivion. Therefore, creativity has become another valuable asset.
However, the poultry industry shouldn't think exclusively in terms of products derived from poultry. There are plenty of opportunities out there to make an extra buck. For example, large retail surfaces like hypermarkets have recently been installing solar panels on their roofs, in the process utilizing a vast under-used space. Any extra electricity produced not used by the supermarket itself is resold back to the grid. Now why can't poultry processors do the same?
Just another thought on how to turn "waste" into a useful "by-product", plus some extra benefits for any companies "green credentials". Any takers out there?


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    Bolarinwa Ganiyu.nigeria

    Can we be specific with the type of waste(fats,feathers,offals/intestine) and the processing into byproduct(s) methods.What is the cost implication and marketability.

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    ayobami Aremu

    I totally agree with the school of thought that suggests innovative ideas in staying competitive in the poultry processing industry. The more cost effective the poultry processor can be, the more the competitiveness and that translates to a great deal of profit...Innovative ideas are indeed the key to the survival in the poultry processing industry.

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    It is interesting to see global clamour for biofuels even at the expense of the good old corn and other grains.But what do we do with litter,slaughter wastes,poultry odour e.t.c.It is high time we turn them to 'wastefuels'to obtain a nobel price.

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    Patrick W.Koehorst

    Not only biofuels but also recovering the available proteins which are present in the by-products will prove to be very efficient and interesting for both food and feed purposes. To learn more about upgrading by-products, we invite processors to visit Meatzyme at their IFFA 2007 stand (Hall 9.1. Booth E48).

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    Chris Long

    Litter as a fuel, i found this web site the other day that may be intersting www.biomass.ie they seem to have it cracked!

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    It's good to see that there isn't even the slightest intimation that anybody in the indudtry has the least concern for the public good. How about skin into lampshades, or has that been done?

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    Dr Ali Afzal Termazi

    I think it is a good approach,but it should be improved on new techniques and research.
    Dr Ali Afzal Termazi,

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    Bharat Kapali

    Poultry litter can be used for biogas production. Here in Nepal some of the breeder farm as well as commercial layers farms are producing bio-gas from poultry manure not only for self consumption but also to serve neighbours. Now we are trying to produce bio-fertilizer using poultry slurry produced from bio-gas plants.

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    Cornelius Van Milligen

    There are many uses for the byproducts of poultry rearing and processing. We make biodiesel from fat, liquid ferment for fertilizer from carcasses and offal, livestock feed from offal, energy from litter.

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    Jenny wren

    Hi Could anyone advise me which is best growers pellets or growers meal? I have been using pellets but have been given some meal how is this best fed to my pullets?? thankyou

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    Faizus Salehin

    In context of small farms, setting up bio-gas chamber/plant is not commercially feasible. Piling up waste in one location is possible but very difficult to transport. For large farms, pay-back period is quite high for bio-gas generation, particularly if its a big plant. That may be are reasons farms are not into it yet. But newer, cost effective methods are approaching..that's really good. Dhaka, Bangladesh

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    olukoga ganiu nigeria

    i am new in the bussiness,but i thank God have found this site.

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    plz send me the factors that reduce production of egg in poultry

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    Ologun Ayodele.Nigeria

    thanks for the information.Please, how can we work on these bye products and which of them is actually practicable in the tropical part of the globe like Nigeria, thanks.

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    dr sushanth rai. india

    can i have more detailed info on converting processed waste like feathers into bio fuel.send info to sushanthrai@yahoo.com please

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    I am a final year student of chemical Enginneering into yhe production reseach of BIOGAS from poultry WASTES.Kindly send to me the detail information on this topic.God bless you.

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    We mix our chicken manure with straw and rice husks, let it ferment and use it as organic fertilizer for our rice fields...and then sell the rice as "organically grown"...

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    I m researching on biogas from polutry waste.Plz send some information.

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    Thidarat eksittikul

    can i have more detailed info on converting processed waste like feathers into bio fuel.send info to

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    Hari Bahadur K.C. (Nepal)

    "Yes" Poultry waste is a best feeding raw materials for biogas and gas fermantation rate is higher of cattle dung.
    But some technical problem will face after some days in biogas plant operation in biogas plant, Sedimantation inside the digester, Meshopheric method should not suitable for digestion system, Make a Thermoperic system, Auto Agitation etc, this type of technical problem. How can we improved the poultry waste biogas reactor?

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