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Eminent poultry expert, Dr. Ken Laughlin dies

Dr Ken Laughlin, one of the world's most respected animal welfare and poultry breeding experts, has died after a period of illness.

Dr. Laughlin was most recently Group Vice President for Policy and Strategy at Aviagen before retiring in 2008 to act as an independent consultant to the business. He was awarded the 15th Temperton Fellowship in 2007 for his work on ‘The Evolution of Genetics, Breeding and Management’ and was a renowned speaker on a variety of topics, most notably animal welfare. 

Having studied Zoology at Durham University, followed by a PhD on incubation in wild bird populations, Laughlin worked at both the Poultry Research Centre and Marshalls in Edinburgh, both the US and UK arms of Cobb, and then at Rainbow in South Africa before joining Aviagen in 2003. 

Dr Laughlin had a highly distinguished career and his contribution to the poultry industry will be remembered throughout the world. He is survived by wife Alison and his two daughters.

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    So sad for the demise of Dr. Laughlin.Thank him for his great contribution to the animal industry all over the world!and may his works leave a legacy to the younger generations of experts in poultry breeding. . .

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