New broiler breeder supply for Argentina

The 'Cabana Avicola Eco de las Aves' poultry company has signed a contract with Hubbard for the production and distribution of Hubbard broiler breeders in Argentina.

The company, a member of the Criave group, is run by a family with long experience in the breeding business in Argentina. Mr Alvaro Perea and sons are re-establishing their presence in the incubation business in Argentina, which was first started by the Perea family more than 60 years ago.
The Hubbard Grandparent stock in Argentina have a solid selection programme to adapt the breeders and optimise the broilers to the body weights and performance levels demanded by the Argentinean and export markets.
The first Hubbard breeders will be available in the second half of 2006.

Editor WorldPoultry

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