Free livestock skills development courses

In Pakistan, the National Vocational & Technical Education Commission (NAVTEC) will be launching 21 free livestock courses in the New Year.

The courses, provided in collaboration with agricultural universities in Pakistan, are aimed at providing skilled manpower to Pakistan's growing economy and for meeting the demand for such trained manpower overseas. They will be available to unemployed matriculate youth.
The courses include poultry farm management, poultry disease protection, animal nutrition, quail farming, game bird production, animal restraint - crating & transportation, ostrich and turkey production, and meat production and processing.
Chairman NAVTEC, Altaf Saleem, said that the agriculture sector has huge potential for growth and the proposed courses will help the candidates to get jobs or start their own businesses.
He said the emphasis of these courses will be on market related skills leading to employability. Enhancing the vocational skills of unemployed youth will raise the income of the poor families and help alleviate poverty, he added.
The agriculture sector contributes 23% of the GDP and employs 44.8% of the labour force in Pakistan.

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