News update:Dec 15, 2006

UK reviews poultry diet costs

Poultry and pig farmers in the UK have to absorb dramatic increases in their feed costs due to the soaring price of fishmeal and feed grains.

Fishmeal prices have doubled over the past year — reaching £700 (US$1,378.64) per mt on farm. They are likely to increase still further, due to increased use by China, demand from the growing fish-farming market and reduced fishing quotas, according to a feed specialist. Grain prices are also predicted to increase by £12 (US$24) per mt.
However, savings between £300-£400 (US$591 - US$788) per mt can be achieved by making simple adjustments to diet formulation, without sacrificing nutritional value, says Robert Jones, managing director of Newmarket-based supplement manufacturer, UFAC-UK.
"Fishmeal has a reputation for possessing unique qualities for enhancing animal performance but now the use of selected marine and vegetable oils, high in omega 3 fatty acids, supplemented with synthetic amino acids and the correct minerals can duplicate these qualities at about half the cost," he says. Jones therefore believes that pork, broiler and egg producers who are home-mixing should take a fresh look at their diet costs.


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