News update:Jan 12, 2010

Hybro set for rapid growth in Colombia

As part of its strategic market expansion programme, Dutch broiler breeding company Hybro B.V. has launched its top performing Hybro PG+ in Colombia, with a dynamic roadshow format that attracted well over 500 delegates in association with Italcol Group, the country's fastest growing producer of broilers and day old chicks.

Italcol Group, a family-run agribusiness, controls more than 20% of feed mills in Columbia, with expansion also currently underway into neighbouring Panama. Hybro's PG breeders were first introduced in 2003 through Kalidad, then an independent company that was subsequently acquired by Italcol Group in 2004.
With the strong advocacy of respected local technical advisor Dr. Carlos Pinedo, Hybro succeeded in placing trials for its enhanced PG+ breeders throughout the Group last year.
“Since placing the first Hybro PG breeder flock in Colombia in 2003, the birds have shown outstanding broiler performance and demonstrate excellent peak production and competitive hatchability at breeder level,” explains Paulo Martins, Hybro's area manager in Latin America .

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