News update:Jan 3, 2007

Free-range egg house plan rejected: too ugly

An application for a free-range poultry house, submitted to Ryedale Council in the UK, has been rejected because of the impact it would have on the appearance of the surrounding area.

The council used a casting vote to throw out plans for a building which would have housed 16,000 free-range hens in an area described as having outstanding beauty.
JR Robinson & Son had applied to Ryedale District Council for permission to develop the egg production building at Flat Top Farm in Terrington, in a submission that left the council in a stalemate.
Howard Keal, chairman of Ryedale's planning committee, used his casting vote after seeking legal advice on the issue.
"I can't bring myself to support this and inflict it on an area of outstanding beauty," he said.
Council planning officers concluded that the 120 metre-long building would be visible from the road and an "intrusive alien feature within the area of natural beauty".
The decision was made in spite of the owners' claim that the "long-term viability" of the farm rested on the application's approval.
Keal said: "I do have sympathy with the application and for any farmers fighting to make a living. It's a very beautiful area of the countryside. Could we actually inflict a building of this size that would be for 16,000 hens?"
But Councillor David Cussons said: "The farms are struggling - we all are - and I think this chap here is trying to do something with free range farming and I would support it very much."
Councillor Natalie Warriner agreed, and added her fears the council's decisions may end up "chopping farmers off at the knees".
But Councillor James Bailey said: "I have no doubt that the feasibility of the subject has been carefully looked at, but for me it's the impact of the building in that area and how it will affect an area of natural beauty."

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