Update: Jakarta residents must hand over their chickens

The Jakarta city administration has banned five kinds of non-commercial poultry from residential areas after the death toll in bird flu cases rose to 61 as of early this week.

Jakarta residents have been told to hand over their poultry, including doves and quails, voluntarily to the bird flu eradication, said governor Sutiyoso. However, owners of poultry raised for educational purposes can obtain free certificates from the husbandry and fishery offices for their animals.
"I hope the draft law can be discussed in the January-March period this year," said, House of Representatives agriculture and husbandry commission chairman, Yusuf Faishal. He stated that his office will hold earlier discussions on a draft law on husbandry and animal heath. Yusuf added commission supports the government`s ban on keeping poultry in some bird flu-hit provinces.

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