French eggs regaining balance

The French national egg promotion council CNPO said that after two years of “serious crisis” the market for eggs and egg products in France seems to be back in balance.

The Comité National pour la Promotion de l'Oeuf (CNPO) recently met in Paris to give a progress report on the market situation of eggs and egg products in France. However, despite better prices, egg producers face very strong increases in cost prices. Forecasts indicate that prices of cereals and other raw materials for animal feeds will remain high in the next months, and that it should be counted with a continuing rise of production costs of eggs and egg products.
The council is worried about the trade developments where large distributors (supermarkets, packing stations) put pressure on egg pricing which is not beneficial to the consumers and certainly not to the egg producers.
CNPO called on all distributors in the egg sector to put an end to the price war, which in the end only will devaluate the whole egg production sector.
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