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Qatar feels poultry price increase

Area traders expect a 10 to 15% rise in prices of poultry products due to a substantial increase in the rates of chicken feed and veterinary medicines in world markets.

An official of the animal husbandry department said that the local market would respond to any increase in the prices of chicken feed and vet medicines in neighbouring countries although poultry product prices in Qatar had been modest and acceptable.

Dr. Kassim al-Qahtani, director of the department said there was only one company in Qatar that produced poultry products. He added, “It imports chicken feed and vet medicines and also distributes to some smaller farms. The whole Gulf region has the same price level for poultry products and any increase in the neighbouring countries will have it echoes in Qatar."

A study conducted locally found that the people in Qatar believed that the current prices were acceptable, but if the import of chicken feed and medicines would cost more, the prices were set to rise.


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