Tanzanian chickens as good as gold

The Bulyanhulu Gold Mine is currently offering 78 residents from Ilogi, Bugarama and Buyange villages training on poultry keeping. The training is jointly run by the Bulyanhulu Gold Mine and poultry experts.

The Msalala Member of Parliament in Kahama District, Shinyanga Region, Ezekiel Maige, said some villagers had been complaining that the mining firm had been of no benefit to them. He called upon villagers living close to the Bulyanhulu Gold Mine to use the opportunities offered by the mining company for their own economic development. He added that the villagers deserved to get training offered by the mining company.

He said the Bulyanhulu Gold Mine, which is a reliable market for the villagers was financing the training to enable the residents sell poultry and eggs to the staff at the mining company instead of buying the same from South Africa.



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