No postponement EU cages ban

European authorities do not intend to postpone the ban on laying cages in 2012, despite problems in execution of the decision in some EU-countries.

This became clear from a leaked report of the European Commission, according to the Brussels agriculture newsletter Agrafacts .

"Any postponement would be a punishment for those poultry farmers who have invested in new systems," according to the report that will be published this week.

Laying cages do not give much room for the chicken. The system is detrimental to the birds' health and an egg from a cage system is only €0.01 to €0.02 cheaper than from systems where the hens have more space, the report said.

The competition (cost) advantage of non-European egg suppliers will be limited through import levies and transport costs.

The European Commission underlines that the ban on laying cages only is applicable to consumption eggs. It is suggested to extend the rules to make them applicable for eggs destined for processing as well.

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