Broiler production rises, as does '08 estimates

January's broiler production was 3.22 bln pounds (1.46 bln kg) up from the 2007 figure, which is a 6.4% increase, according to the USDA's Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook report.

The January 2008 broiler production increase has been attributed to both a rise in birds slaughtered (784 mln) and a 1.2% increase in average liveweight, reaching 5.56 pounds (2.52 kg).
In reviewing January figures, USDA revised its first-quarter 2008 production estimate by 125 mln pounds to 9.08 bln, or 5.2% higher than the same period in 2007, citing weekly chick placement numbers that are about 3% higher than the same time period in 2007.
Analysts have suggested in recent weeks that poultry processors need to cut production to realign supply and demand forces.

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