Aviagen restructures to utilise strengths

Leading poultry breeding company, Aviagen Group, has announced that the company has been divided into two separate business units.

The business units will be divided into “Aviagen Broiler Breeding” and “Aviagen Turkeys and other Aviagen Operations”. According to Aviagen Group, this has been prompted by the considerable ongoing growth in the business and the need to ensure that resources remain focused on the core operations and their customers.
A holding company (Aviagen Group Holding Inc) has been formed that will coordinate both business units and drive further strategic growth across the Group. The holding company structure with two operational units will ensure that the synergies available across the group continue to be utilised while ensuring each unit focuses on meeting their customers' particular needs.
Ian Panton, long-term CEO of the Aviagen Group has been appointed Chairman of the newly formed holding entity: “This structure allows clear focus on our different customers and gives clarity to our operations... This restructure allows me to take a step back from the operational side of the businesses and concentrate on the strategic interests of the group”.
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