Aviagen on the road in Eastern Europe

As those in the poultry industry are facing elevated feed prices and increasing production costs, Aviagen KFT, part of the Aviagen Group,  recently organised a series of seminars in Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia.

At these seminars, Aviagen worked with customers and industry partners to provide technical support and topical advice focusing on broiler nutrition and management.
Each event included various presentations from Aviagen KFT's regional customer support team and Aviagen's global specialists to update and advise the audiences on a range of topics which included nutrition, management, biosecurity and ventilation.
To help address the more recent challenges, Anthony Waller, European Nutrition Service Manager, who is part of Aviagen's Global Technical Team, covered the importance of maintaining the optimum protein and carbohydrate balance for best possible biological and economic performance. He also highlighted the competitive advantage of the Ross broiler and its economic benefits in light of increasing feed costs.
Jonny Harrison, Regional Technical Manager, and members of his team talked about various aspects of broiler management to help achieve optimum broiler performance.
One of the highlights of the event programme was the presentation of the Perutnina Ptuj Broiler Flock Awards in Slovenia. These Flock Awards reward the farm managers for their stockmanship and enable Aviagen to thank all customers for their help in collecting and sharing information about how the Ross products perform in the field.
Jonny Harrison, Regional Technical Manager, commented: "The latest programme of events around Eastern Europe has seen us make contact with over 350 customers, providing them with important advice on how to overcome some of the many challenges that we are facing within the industry. Hosting such events is an important part of the role we play in ensuring that our customers continue to get optimum performance from their Aviagen products."
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