Feed the focus at Cobb conference in Greece

Over 200 poultry farmers and technical advisers representing over 70% of the Greek and Cypriot broiler industries attended a conference on breeder management at Ioannina in northern Greece.

The event was organised by Kego SA with support from Cobb Europe and Cobb Germany.  Rodolfos Gogorosis, MD of Kego, highlighted the need, with current rising commodity prices, to control feed inputs and their cost while maximising egg and meat production. â€œThis is something of course that the Cobb 500 excels at,” he commented.
James Truscott, director of Cobb Germany: “The Greek chicken meat industry discussed how to further improve its performance with the Cobb 500, which is gaining market share not only in Greece but in our other market areas too. Cobb's new male is showing its benefits not just as a breeder, but also on broiler farms and in processing plants.”
The speakers also covered a range of topics including breed selection and management in a fast changing environment for the Cobb 500 male and female, and European experiences generally on Salmonella control in broiler breeders.
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