Petersime's hatchery in Romania expands operations

Demand for poultry is on the rise in Romania, with annual per capita consumption of 14.2 kg in 2007. Petersime reports that the company is behind 80% of the new layer and broiler operations that have been popping up all over the country.

Petersime's new project - the Drosera hatchery - is located in Carei, Satu Mare county, in north-western Romania. The hatchery has undergone extensive renovations and will be used to produce both layer and broiler parents. For layers, the hatchery uses the Hisex breed and for broilers, both HybroPN+ and Ross 308.
The project has been financed by the Structural Fund, an E.U. agricultural aid programme for new accession countries.
The first phase of the project has just been completed. Jakab Imre, owner of the hatchery: “We're currently producing 1 million day-old layer chicks and 5 million day-old broiler chicks per year, with plans to increase our capacity in the near future. For example, we'll be building a new parent farm for broilers, with a capacity of 80,000 birds, as well as a separate rearing farm. After that, we will be extending our existing hatchery to reach a total capacity of 14 million day-old chicks per year.”
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