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Aimed at the international poultry industry, World Poultry magazine translates scientific knowledge and practical experience in a way which can be used by all poultry professionals worldwide.

Highlights from this months issue..
• China's poultry industry rapidly moving forward. Until only 30 years ago, poultry production in China was mainly a backyard business.
• Chinese poultry company diversifies into a new product - feathers. This adventure has so far proven to be very promising.
• Heading to VIV China - a preview of the upcoming show.
• UK Poultry Fair shows new trends in breeding.
• Chicken Anaemia Virus - a hidden menace.
• The US broiler industry buffeted by ingredient costs.
• World Poultry's new Editor, Ad Bal, takes a look at what went on at the XXIII World's Poultry Congress in Brisbane, Australia.
• Physical form of feed - part 2. Good physical feed quality enhances broiler performance.
• How to encourage hens to lay in nests.
This plus much more in the up-coming issue of World Poultry.

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