News update:Jan 11, 2010

Aviagen reports a successful event in Russia

Aviagen recently held the annual Russian Technical Seminar in Moscow. 'Maximising Breeder and Broiler Performance' was a great success with customers. The event discussed different useful broiler and breeder management techniques. In response to customer demand, the main focus of the event was 'maintaining male and female fertility'.

The seminar provided a great opportunity for customers to meet the Aviagen Russian Team and supporting specialists, and was an ideal platform to share ideas and best practise amongst attendees.

One of the highlights of the event was the inclusion of interactive demonstrations, allowing customers to get first-hand, practical experience of the advice presented.

The event included a range of Aviagen speakers discussing topics that really matter to the industry in Russia, such as light stimulation and pin bone development, identifying true fertility and managing parent stock flocks in hot climates. The speakers, Danny Rotherham, Neil Clark, Olga Myasnikova and Pavel Shkarlat are all members of Aviagen’s Technical Service Team for Russia.

In addition to the main presentations, delegates also heard Leonardo Linares, Aviagen’s Nutritionist for the region, speak about nutrition, feed form and its effects. He also provided a practical demonstration on how to ensure that the birds get the nutrition they need to achieve their growth potential. Akos Klausz, Veterinarian, discussed the benefits and use of live vaccines to combat disease.

To underline how Ross products are particularly suited to the many different geographical areas and climates within the Russian Federation, Eduard Taktarov, Sales Manager, demonstrated the competitive advantage of the Ross bird with an analysis of actual performance information from Russian customers.

All presentations worked to support the idea of persistency in fertility for male and female birds, reports Aviagen. The presentations were specifically designed to give customers useful tools and advice to constantly increase the economic benefits and the realisation of the genetic potential of the Ross bird.

Jonny Harrison, Aviagen’s Regional Technical Director: “Maintaining the fertility of the birds is a key part of consistent improvement in flock performance, so we want to make sure we are able to share valuable insight with all our customers.”

Flock awards

The event also included the presentation of the Russian flock awards: Stavropolski Broilers received the award for best overall annual production, achieving an average of over 135 chicks per hen-housed, and Permskaya, part of the Prodo Group, won the overall best flock award.

Natalie Berkhout

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