News update:Jan 11, 2010

Cobb Saudi Arabia appointed in ME

The Saudi Grand Parent Company is to become the franchise distributor for Cobb broiler breeders in the Persian Gulf area known as the GCC countries including Yemen.

The distribution agreement was signed by Pelayo Casanovas, Sales and Technical Director of Cobb Europe, Mohammed Chail, Sales and Business Development Manager of Cobb, and Ibrahim Al Thonayan, who heads the Saudi Grand Parent Co – to be known as Cobb Saudi Arabia.

Its new complex will become one of the largest for Cobb grandparents, with a planned capacity of over 5 mln female breeders per year. This project will be based near the Al Jouf area for bio-security reasons.

Al Thonayan is also the Chairman of AIMCO company in Riyadh. He established a breeding company, Al Bayyad Co, in 2007 to provide Hisex egg layer chicks from Hendrix Genetics for the Saudi Arabian and GCC markets. Al Bayyad is also the exclusive distributor of Hisex layer chicks for the other GCC Countries as well as the Kingdom. Mr Ibrahim and his partners in the Saudi Grand Parent Co will become the exclusive Cobb distributors in the near future, with the first parent stock hatched in 2010.

Al Thonayan says the company is proud and delighted to be associated with both Cobb-Vantress and Hendrix Genetics. The 2 companies have a strategic alliance in poultry breeding, which he believes will benefit the industry in Saudi and GCC countries.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the Cobb 500 in the region,” says Casanovas. “Our product is performing extremely well worldwide and we look forward to Cobb Saudi Arabia supplying  customers throughout the region, providing the benefits of local supply and technical service.”

Natalie Berkhout

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