News update:May 12, 2010

France: First open house for a VolMaxx

The first house with Jansen Poultry Equipment's VolMaxx layer system was opened on 30 October. The house in Guiseniers, France, is equipped with 2 rows of 3 tiers and 1 row with 4 tiers VolMaxx, suitable for 10,000 layers.

The VolMaxx system is also known as mini aviary, enriched cage or colony system. This system gives a good overview of the hens, which the company says results in optimal inspection and maintenance.

The large dimensions, especially the large width of this commune type cage system, require fewer alleyways in a house, resulting in a higher hen capacity per house as compared to the small conventional enriched cage systems.

The nests are placed in alternate corners left and right and provide protective surroundings in which the hens can comfortably and quietly lay their eggs. The chain feeding system is located inside the VolMaxx so that the hens can access the feeder trough from both sides. This, results in optimal feeder space utilization, according to Jansen Poultry Equipment.

VolMaxx is equipped with perches which are located lengthwise along the side walls, making it easier for the hens to move through the VolMaxx as compared to perches mounted perpendicularly to the side walls. The scratch mat can be provided with feed which enhances scratching behavior.

The second house will be equipped in Tunisia at the beginning of 2010. This house is suitable for 45,000 birds.

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