Aviagen's on-going training in Hungary

Aviagen Kft, Aviagen's Hungarian business unit, recently organised a series of road shows in Hungary, providing topical training and advice to their customers on maximising stock performance through disease prevention and nutrition recommendations.

These road shows allow Aviagen’s technical teams to meet a larger number of customers in their own area and to discuss topics of high priority and commercial relevance.

The first event took place at Nagisz Zrt, Nadudvar, in eastern Hungary. Laszló Korös, Technical Service Manager, opened the event by outlining the key issues facing poultry producers in implementing the recent Salmonella directive and reinforcing the importance of biosecurity in disease prevention.

The delegates also heard from Leonardo Linares, Aviagen’s nutritionist for the region, who gave a presentation on cost efficient broiler nutrition and physical feed form.

“Since feed costs represent the biggest proportion of the overall costs in broiler production, we were able to demonstrate the effect feed physical form has on profitability, based on the results from several field trials across different continents. The results were of great interest to the attendees,” said Leonardo.

A practical feed-sieving demonstration followed and concluded the first day. Aviagen customers were able to take away with them a complementary feed sieve for use within their own operation.

The second road show took place with attendees from Gallus Devecser Kft and Taravis Kft. Mr István Szabó, CEO of Gallus Devecser Kft, opened the event and the Aviagen team gave presentations on biosecurity and feed form. The delegates were then addressed by Dr Erzsébet Sélley, Head of the Vas County Agricultural Administration Bureau, who spoke about the Role of the State Veterinary Service in the Control Programme for Salmonella.

Dr Sándor Fazekas Papp, Company Head Veterinarian from Gallus Kft, concluded by talking about biosecurity measures and actions that have been implemented in parent stock flocks ensuring high-quality broiler chicks.

The official programme was closed by Ákos Szabó, deputy CEO of Gallus Kft. “This seminar highlighted the significance and importance of Salmonella control and the economics of proper broiler nutrition, including feed quality, in a practical and interesting way. I am very positive about this road show as we have managed to cover a lot of important subjects in an easily-accessible and applicable manner. We are looking forward to similar events in the near future,” he said.

Natalie Berkhout

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