Jansen introduces new housing for layers

Jansen Poultry Equipment is introducing its latest development for housing of layers. The system has the same basic design as the Compact and Comfort 2 aviary / multitier systems and has been developed so that the birds can move easier among the different tiers of an aviary row.

Wire stairs have been incorporated between the different tiers which enhances the bird movement within an aviary row, says Jansen Poultry Equipment. Feed, water and nest can be easily reached. Fly-on platforms along the aviary system aren’t necessary any more because the birds move inside the system. Due to this the gang way can be wider.

The Comfort 2INSIDE aviary is equipped with the unique Twin World slat. The Twin World slat has advantages such as: an open structure with minimal contact points, thus less dirt accumulation and mite unfriendly; twin world slat for a layer aviary has an integrated egg tray along the edge so that any system eggs can roll into the tray from the sloped slat; an integrated air manure drying tube which the hens keep clean themselves and because of the round construction, optimal air drying is guaranteed.

Natalie Berkhout

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