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NOVOgen white layer breeding stock underway in India

In May 2010 the first delivery of NOVOgen White GP through the Godrej Agrovet quarantine unit in Bangalore, India was successfully exercised.


Mickaël Le Helloco comments, “this is a major breakthrough for Novogen as India is one of the largest white egg layer markets in the world (about 1.3 million parent stock). The NOVOgen White is ideally suited to the Indian conditions. It is a bird especially developed for its ability to eat under sometimes challenging conditions of feed density and temperature. The bird is proving to be a real success in other markets such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines and Japan, where we have also introduced several breeder flocks. They all have resulted in a positive feed back from our customers about the bird’s behaviour and ease of management.”

Kapil Manwal, Novogen's Sales & Technical Manager ads, “by law, India only allows importation of Grand Parent Stock, so the first step for Novogen was to ensure a market presence by placing this first flock of GP’s, so that we can make deliveries safely and smoothly from our facilities in Bangalore. Now, the first parent stock will be available as from the end of 2010. Novogen has already proven that its products work well in challenging markets, like India. Novogen will provide a good alternative to the Indian layer industry with better production efficiencies under the local circumstance.”


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    Briefly furnish the comparative performance potentials for production characters at home and some tropical countries where the stocks have been supplied(GP/Parent/commercials)

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    It is a good sign that more competitors are focusing the indian market and it will take approximately 4 to 5 yrs,to estabilish and accilimatise one new breed in the indian condition.Definetely it will succeed and we have to study all the parameters based on the indian condition.
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    In the current situation the layer industry is under the control of some companies. If this breed will come up with good potentials then poultry farmers definitely prefer this bird..........

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    The new breed coming to india is good for the poultry industries but will take some time to adapt to the Indian climate basically in north zone.

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    Layer Poultry Farmers wants to come diffrent new layer breeds in to present poultry market. Especially south India Layer Farmers welcoming all climates serviving breed. If that breed success in all climats in south India, it will reach No.1 position with in short period.

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