AveMix enzyme get EU registration for broilers

AveMix XG-10 is a new EU-authorized enzyme concept for use in broilers.

AveMix XG 10, a multi-enzyme combination, has acquired EU-authorisation under Reg (EC) 1831/2003 for use in chickens for fattening in both powder and liquid form (identification number: 4a9).

The enzyme is developed and marketed by Merksem, Belgium based Aveve Biochem, part of the group Aveve, the leading feed and agricultural business in Belgium.

The new multi-enzyme concept combines high xylanase together with high β-glucanase as main guaranteed enzyme activities.

This enzyme activity combination has proven to work synergistically to break down fibre structures in feeds, resulting in high diet formulation flexibility, lower feed cost and improved animal performances.

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Natalie Berkhout

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