Aviagen supports Dafaun's PS customer seminar

Ross GP distributor in China, Beijing Dafaun Poultry Breeding Company, held their fifth Parent Stock customer seminar at Miramar Hotel, Urumqi, Xinjiang Province in Northwest China from August 31st to September 2nd.

The event was well supported by Dafaun customers and Aviagen with attendees from their local and international teams, including a number of specialists who presented technical information at the seminar.

The annual event has become a draw card for Dafaun customers whose numbers have swelled considerably since the first meeting five years ago. Around 200 people attended this year’s seminar with an agenda focused on getting the best performance through good management and nutrition.

Presentations covered several key areas for parent stock breeders including management in the later breeding period and in large automated broiler farms, hatchery ventilation and managing the environment of breeder farms. Guests also heard how to identify and correct any nutritional issues and got an overview of the genetic improvements in the Ross 308.

The guest speaker was Professor Zhao, from Beijing Agriculture University, who addressed the seminar on the subject of ‘disease prevention and actual vaccination programs’.

“It is interesting to note that this event has been taking place for the last five years and during this time we have seen some huge changes in the local market and in our bird’s performance through our long term commitment in the field and continuous research and development investment, stated Bill Souther, Senior VP Aviagen Asia. 

“The experience of Dafaun highlights once again the importance of strong partnerships and working together for a common goal. We would like to wish Dafaun and all their customers another ten years of success.”

Source: Aviagen

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