Aviagen releases hatching and incubation guides

Aviagen, the poultry breeding company, has released a series of 'How To…' guides looking at the hatching and incubation process.

The series is designed to be a practical tool for hatchery workers and features the latest technology, research and techniques gathered by Aviagen’s Hatchery Support Team.

The key areas covered are:
• Measuring egg water loss
• Measuring chick yield
• Measuring egg shell temperature
• Identifying infertile eggs and early deads
• Break out and analyse hatch debris

The documents have been designed to be simple to follow, providing practical advice and tips on how to get the best quality chicks from your hatchery. Another design feature is the handy hanging rings and laminated finish, enabling them to be easily cleaned and stored inside the hatchery itself, rather than in an office, allowing for quick access and reference. 

Dinah Nicholson, Global Manager, Hatchery Development and Support, explained: “Previous technical pieces have looked at what a customer should do to improve performance but not always how. These new guides give practical advice and tips and include specific details on how to interpret results and make changes depending on the outcomes.

“Feedback so far has been extremely positive and these documents are very popular. Because each document looks at one specific area of the hatchery they are very easy to use as a practical working guide.”

The How To… documents form part of Aviagen’s on-going support for customers, partners and distributors, including regular newsletters, seminars, webinars and visits to customer facilities to see best practice in action. 

Like most of Aviagen’s recent technical offerings, the How Tos are available in a number of different languages –see for details.

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