Hatchery owners from Japan visiting ISA hatchery in South Korea

A group of hatchery owners from Japan recently visited Sung Jin Hatchery and ISA Brown in South Korea.

ISA Brown commercial layers are delivered to more than 90 customers in South Korea. Hatchery Sung Jin is selling ISA Brown in South Korea since 2004.
In his presentation to the group, Mr. In Hwan Song of Sung Jin emphasized the performance of the commercial ISA Brown, such as low mortality, good FCR, egg numbers, proper egg size and persistency.
Mr. In Hwan Sung also shared the positive response of South Korean ISA Brown customers with the group, specifically related to egg shell color, shell quality and strength and internal quality.

The group also visited two layer farm operations, to experience and discuss the performance of ISA Brown. They took two trays of eggs with them to the hotel in order to measure the internal quality. In Japan, this is an important issue as egg quality factors are inspected at the farm.

ISA staff concluded the meeting in South Korea with a presentation on the latest developments at mother company Hendrix Genetics and at ISA.

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