Novogen enters the UK and Irish market with Tom Barron

Novogen and Tom Barron Limited have entered into an agreement to distribute the Novogen Brown and Novogen White layers into the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

“We are extremely happy with this agreement to market the Novogen products in this important part of North West Europe. Since the introduction of Novogen in 2008 we quickly have become a well-recognised and important supplier of layer breeding stock around the world. Field results have proven that, thanks to our genetic strategy, our layers produce very well under different circumstances including the barn and free range systems”, says Mickaël Le Helloco, General Manager of Novogen.

Neil Leeming, CEO of Tom Barron Limited, adds: “We are totally convinced that the Novogen layers will be a welcome alternative for the UK and Irish layer industry. Being a family-company, established more than 100 years ago, it is very important to us to give our customers a real choice of the best products available around the world. This new venture also secures the supply of commercial layers from the only independent commercial layer hatchery in the UK and Ireland.”

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