Groupe Grimaud announces new company, Novogen

Groupe Grimaud has established a new company, Novogen, focusing on the genetic selection and distribution of layer breeding stock.

Novogen, a company under French law, with headquarters at Quintin, Bretagne in France, will focus on genetic selection, the core business of Groupe Grimaud, and the worldwide distribution of high-quality layer Grandparent Stock and Parent Stock.

Novogen offers layer breeds for the brown, white and tinted egg production adapted to the different market segments, as well as for the conventional (cage) markets, as for the alternative markets.

With the recent developments of Groupe Grimaud, a maximum of synergies will also be implemented at the research and development level.

The creation of Novogen fits logically into Groupe Grimaud's strategy for growth and expansion of its multi-species product range, and will solidify its position in the genetic marketplace.

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