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Ceva launches new website to inform about Gumboro

As part of Ceva’s campaign ‘Stop the Gumboro Cycle’ they have launched the Transmune website, which will provide the latest scientific information about the disease.

Transmune is Ceva's hatchery vaccine which stops re-infection and protects against all strains of Gumboro. The newly launched website provides the latest scientific information about the epidemiology and control of Gumboro disease and all the content from Ceva's recent series of international "Poultry Vaccinology Summits".

"Updated with all the latest scientific data on Gumboro disease, the new Transmune website will help poultry producers and their veterinary partners gain valuable new insights in how to long term control this widely prevalent, very costly and damaging disease", said Branko Alva, Ceva's Corporate Product Manager.

"The website gives new details about vaccines and vaccination that are not necessarily found in registration dossiers or the leaflets accompanying products", adds Yannick Gardin, Ceva's Director Biology Innovation & Strategy, "new information based on data we produced, scientific publications and field experience gives answers to key questions such as :

  • What level of efficacy does vaccination give against virus variations in different parts of the world?
  • What are the differences between vaccines?
  • Do vaccination programmes have the capacity to increase resistance or prevent shedding after challenge? A factor critical to lowering the risk of persistence or spreading of a disease
  • What is the influence or interference of passive immunity, the interest of using one category of vaccine over another? The compatibility between vaccines?

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