Innov'Space: Energy efficient Econo-Fan

With its unique design, the Econo-fan ventilation system uses a patented gearbox device powered by a direct current source.

This gearbox device allows the fan to operate on a large scale of variable speed, ranging from 1 to 20 times the initial flow. This means that the Econo-fan ventilation system can be used as a replacement for all fans sizes from 350 mm to 500 mm.

Thanks to the performances and the efficiency of its motor, the fan converts up to 97% of the input electric energy into mechanical energy. Driven by a regulation device, it offers a perfect control of the very low air flows.

The combination of quality stainless materials, like the plastic alloy, the fibre glass and the aluminium result in a sturdy and durable product while minimizing maintenance.

Equipped with a one piece weighted propeller, the Econo-fan uses the principles of the flywheel, storing energy in the weight of the propeller to increase energy savings.

Coupled to its electronic control system (CEF) and its network programming interface (IREF), the Econo-fan can be operated remotely, and individually.

For two years, the IFIP has conducted tests within the experimental station in Romillé, which prove the energy savings of more than 80%.

This product was awarded One star by an independent jury of experts – Econo-Fan Europe, Saint Ivy, France.

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