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Poultry project comes to a standstill

Due to a lack of financial assistance, a poultry-farming project, called 'Handera Kasivi', has reportedly come to a standstill.

The project is an initiative of the Kavango Region's Kasivi community in the Kapako Constituency, Namibia. It is managed by unemployed youth with the aim of supporting orphans and vulnerable children.
The project is not progressing well and will come to a standstill due to a lack of electricity, water and an incubator, said the project's Deputy Secretary, Muronga Patrick. She adds that they are appealing for help from the government and the private sector.
Kapako Constituency Councillor, Frieda Siwombe, has meanwhile requested financial assistance from Unicef to enable the project to continue. The project, the first of its kind in the Kapako Constituency, was launched in June 2006.
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    Gideon Czaczkes

    Dear Sir/Mme,
    After several meetings, held with the Kapako Constituency Councillor, Honorable Shiwombe Freida, the mentioned "Hadera Kasivi" poultry project, is going to start a new approch with Italian assistance (Mr. Gideon Czaczkes - an owner of a private equity company in Windhoek, Namibia).
    The new project called now "Hadera Kasivi Eco Agri-Industrial Park" will include the following production/cultivation facilities:
    1 - a layer cage house for 1,000 hens.
    2 - a broiler house semi intensive unit for 3,000 broilers.
    3 - an intensive tilapia aquaculture unit for 5,000 ton og 1 kg fish per year.
    4 - two greenhouses for vegtable cultivation, irrigated by the fish pond water.
    5 - a feed production unit for tilapia and poultry feed (Namibian formula, developed in Italy).

    The Park will have a water supply from the river (Kavango)water with a filtering system. The electricity will be supplied by photovoltaic pannels backed-up with two disel engine (total 10 Kilovat/hour).
    A revized course will atart end September, while buildings and starting operation is forseen for October/November 2009. The course will include as well a modern farming management as company management.

    All the technical and financial support will be supplyed by "Sunrise venture Partners Company (pty) Ltd. the private equity company of Windhoek, Namibia.
    If you need some more information, please contact Mr. Gideon Czaczkes at his e mail above or Honorable Shiwombe at +264 81 2777949
    best regards
    Gideon Czaczkes

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