Bounty Fresh launches hatchery in Philippines

Having monitored the development of single-stage incubation technologies for several years, Bounty Fresh Foods installs its new broiler hatchery project in the Philippines.

The new broiler hatchery, which will be situated in Cagayan d'Oro, Mindanao, Philippines, will produce 200,000 day-old chicks per week in its first phase.
Bounty Fresh has installed single-stage, closed-door Smart Incubators from Pas Reform, including SmartSet setters, SmartHatch hatcher and Pas Reform's hatchery ventilation system.
"When we made our last investment in Tarlac some seven years ago now, we were at that time still not convinced about the benefits of single-stage incubation -- and consequently chose multi-stage equipment for that project," said Tennyson Chen, president of Bounty Fresh. Now, he says, with improvements and developments both in genetics and in single-stage methodology, the company is excited about introducing single-stage incubation practices for the first time.
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