Huge hatchery built in Russia

HatchTech Incubation Technology and Russian based 'GAP Resource' owned by Victor Nauruzov, have agreed upon the construction of a brand new turnkey hatchery facility, with a production capacity of 80 million eggs per year.

After delivering a 35 million egg/year hatchery in the end of 2006, GAP Resource once more confirms its trust in HatchTech. This trust is, according to GAP Resource, based on excellent hatching results and reliable first-rate (Russian speaking) after sales service.
HatchTech will deliver a turnkey hatchery including 36 HatchTech MicroClimer Setters (cap.126720 eggs), 18 HatchTech MicroClimer Hatchers (cap. 42240 eggs) and the complete system for ventilation, cooling and heating. A 'hatchery management system' will secure efficient energy usage and proper ventilation and incubation.
Founded in 2002, GAP Resource is a leading, fast growing producer of poultry meat in the Southern regions of Russia. Currently GAP Resource consists out of 2 feed mills, 11 breeding and broiler enterprises and 2 processing plants producing 60,000 tonnes of meat per year. GAP Resource has a range of 40 brands of broiler meat products that are distributed in Moscow and all Southern regions of Russia.
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