Lohmann's 2008 hatchery course in Germany

Lohmann Tierzucht GmbH organised a Hatchery Course for the 4th time in Cuxhaven. Almost 50 participants from 25 countries accepted the invitation to come to Germany.

The Lohmann Hatchery Course is a 1-week seminar focusing on subjects surrounding hatchery methods for layers. The organiser, Dr Hans-Heinrich Thiele, tailored the course to fit participants who work mainly in the practical areas of the hatchery business.
After talks on essential subjects in the hatchery business, such as hygiene and disinfection, diseases transmitted by eggs and vaccine solutions, the latest technical developments were presented by representatives of the industry.
The seminar concluded with field reports of Lohmann Tierzucht GmbH's experts as well as observations of the different stages of embryo growth in various incubation periods.
Before leaving for home to their respective countries, the participants were given the opportunity to visit the hatchery in Gudendorf-Ankum where Mr Brämswig together with Mr Schwarze, provided an interesting insight into their work.
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