News update:Apr 6, 2010

Aviagen hatchery workshop in Europe

Aviagen recently held an ongoing hands-on training programme for Central and Eastern European customers with a series of hatchery workshops in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Targeting hatchery personnel and breeder farm managers from major customers in the region, the events provided helpful and practical advice to ensure hatchery performance is maximised, says Aviagen.

The presenters, Dr Steve Tullet, Hatchery Consultant and Timea Torma, Hatchery Specialist for the region, led practical demonstrations for the delegates.

The sessions began with a demonstration of the techniques and tools available to assess fertility in fresh eggs. This was followed by a workshop focusing on candling and the examination of hatch debris to determine the embryonic mortality pattern. The day concluded with a discussion on the causes of embryonic mortality and the actions required to make improvements.

Neil Clark, Technical Service Manager: “These workshops gave valuable advice on hatchery related topics but also reinforced the importance of the link between production and the hatchery”.

Pavel Hojgr, Production Director of XAVERgen, one of Aviagen’s customers in the Czech Republic: “Studying the conditions in the incubators and setters and their influence on the hatchery results was really helpful.”


Natalie Berkhout

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