News update:Apr 6, 2010

HatchTech introduces HatchBrood at VIV

After 7 years of R&D and intensive commercial testing, HatchTech introduces HatchBrood. A full-sized version of HatchBrood will be introduced during VIV Europe in April 2010 in the Netherlands, after which it will be commercially available for the industry.

Crucial factors during the brooding period

During the first days of a chick’s life (brooding period), a chick is not able to regulate its own body temperature. Practical experience shows that controlling broiler house variables, such as air temperatures, floor temperatures, air velocity and humidity levels, is difficult. Not controlling these variables results in delayed start-ups of chicks, uncertainty of future growth curves and lower uniformity, says HatchTech.

The concept

HatchBrood is a system that controls the crucial variables during the brooding period. After hatch, d.o.cs are placed in the HatchBrood system. Here, chicks have access to fresh water, air and feed. The system, according to the company, guarantees air temperature and air velocity controlled, which assures optimum chick body temperatures throughout the complete system. The chicks will start eating and drinking directly after placement. After 4 days they are transported to the farm for the remaining of their production cycle.

Brooding control

HatchBrood fully controls the crucial brooding variables: it assures that each chicken can express its full growth potential. HatchBrood guarantees significant predictability of growth and overall uniformity.

Natalie Berkhout

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