India: Skylark hatcheries chooses Hubbard GP

Hubbard has announced that Skylark Hatcheries has decided to move to Grand Parent stock level by the beginning of 2010, with the use of Hubbard F15 Grand Parents.

Jagbir Singh, MD of Skylark Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd., was the first believer in the potential of the Hubbard F15 for the Indian market when they placed the first Hubbard F15 parent stock flocks in 2003. During a recent meeting of the “North zone Broiler Breeders Association in India”, he explained how the Hubbard F15 contributes to the efficiency and profitability of his company.

The Hubbard F15 breeder female is a “mini-type” breeder and is well recognised for its feed-saving characteristic: it can save up to 120 g of breeder feed per chick (or 14.5 kg of feed per breeder female), says Hubbard.

With the ongoing increase in feed cost in India, it is with no doubt a key factor in the profitability of a breeder operation. A recent economic analysis for the Indian market shows that the Hubbard F15 breeder can save about INR 1.60 per chick against the cost of a chick produced by a standard breeder, according to Hubbard. This equates to INR2,240,000 (US$48,500) for every 10,000 breeder females placed.

Natalie Berkhout

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