World premiere of Petersime BioStreamer™

In February, the first 2 hatcheries in the world took their delivery of BioStreamer™ technology, member of Petersime's latest generation of S-line incubators.

Western Brand, Ireland

Irish hatchery Western Brand is the first broiler hatchery in the world to be fully equipped with this new incubation technology. The company is building a new broiler hatchery in Cappoquin for an initial setting capacity of 36 mln broiler hatching eggs per year. 

Eugene Lannon, owner and MD of Western Brand: "We travelled all over Europe to visit multiple hatcheries with different makes of incubators. After reviewing our options, Petersime stood out as the obvious choice, both for its incubators as well as the total package it offers including air handling and heat recovery systems. The BioStreamer™, with its unique Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology, provides Western Brand with a clear advantage as an integrated broiler company. Since we grow and slaughter our broilers ourselves, we have much to gain from the improved broiler performance of our chicks in terms of daily weight gain, liveability and feed conversion. We were also particularly impressed with the professionalism and experience of Petersime’s project team in designing and supplying the total technical package including the air handling systems, heating and energy recovery systems, and electrical and hydraulic installations."

Het Anker, the Netherlands

Het Anker, a Dutch layer hatchery, owned and operated by the Vroegindeweij family, has been producing layer chicks since 1967.

Jan Vroegindeweij: "When we decided to upgrade and expand our hatchery in Ochten, we carefully reviewed and considered the leading incubator manufacturers. We are very enthusiastic about Petersime’s latest generation of S-line incubators. What attracted us most about the S-line was its full focus on chick quality and uniformity, high energy efficiency, superior cleanability and the lowest running costs on the market. On top of these benefits, Petersime and its local distributor Peja both have outstanding customer service records. We went for the BioStreamer™ model which comes with the autopilot functionality based on Petersime’s Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology. Over the next few months, we will be installing 21 BioStreamer™ setters with capacities of 57,600 and 38,400 eggs for a total weekly output of 200,000 layer chicks."

Source: Petersime


Natalie Berkhout

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