Granja Crusvi adopts SmartPro™ for hatchery expansion

Catalonian integration Granja Crusvi is among the first in the world to adopt Pas Reform's latest advancement in hatchery technologies. The company is to renovate part of its existing hatchery, replacing its entire hatcher capacity with the new SmartPro™ system, launched this year.

The Reus-based integration was also among the first to adopt Pas Reform’s SmartSet™ setters, when they launched in 2005. “The technical results we achieved with Smart have been fundamental to our continuing growth over the past four years”, says Evarist Caparo, GM of Granja Crusvi, adding that thye are impressed with the new ‘modular design’ concept of the SmartPro™ hatchers.

“It is a unique offering in the hatchery sector,” he says, “SmartPro™ retains all the strength of modular, single-stage incubation, while further enhancing climate control on a larger scale, to deliver reliably robust day-old chicks.”

Natalie Berkhout

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