Jamesway's Pilot measures incubator conditions

Noticing a growing need in modern day hatcheries to access egg shell temperature without compromising the environment within the incubator, Jamesway introduces an electronic egg: the Pilot.

Functioning as an Auto Pilot for the hatchery, Jamesway's Pilot system allows the incubator to gather egg shell temperature from three different rack levels to continually adjust the air temperature in the machine to provide optimal conditions for developing embryos.

The Pilot will automatically read and report the egg shell temperature of each egg pack, sampling from a total of 12 eggs, four per level. The eggs are monitored and the average of all valid egg shell readings, i.e. fertile eggs, are used to adjust the ambient incubator temperature to maintain the desired eggshell temperature setpoint.

Platinum P120 dual zone incubators require three Platinum Eggs per zone. Therefore two Pilot systems are required (one for the front and one for the rear zone). Each zone will adjust its environment independently of the other to maintain the desired eggshell temperature setpoint.

Each Pilot system consists of 3 platinum egg sensors and 3 communication cables. Jamesway Pilot is compatible with all Platinum machines.

Natalie Berkhout

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