Emka completes large-scale projects

Last month, Emka Incubators completed Lunar 2 in Zimbabwe with 18 incubators. Moreover the company converted all 22 hatchers at Lohmann Tierzucht in Germany to Teggnologic27 technology, while adding another three machines. The company also successfully turned on the first stage of their newest hatchery project in Belarus recently.

Teggnologic27 technology was a major reason for Belorusneft (Industrial Union of Belarus oil) to chose for Emka Incubators. Teggnologic27 cools the incubators with 27°C water instead of 15°C and runs a frequency controller allowing for an 35% cut in the energy bill. Each individual setter and hatcher can be controlled by a remote desktop PC.

The total project covers 6,500m2  and contains 26 setters and 10 hatchers. Each hatcher has its own fluff tunnel that collects fluff in an individual dustbin increasing hygiene and greatly reducing the cleaning effort and time between hatches. In so doing, the chicks hatch in optimal condition.

The hatchery has a capacity of 26 million broilers per year. It fits to extreme climate conditions in Belarus, which are ranging from -35 to +35°C. It is completely automated including egg transfer and chick handling.

Source: Emka Incubators

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