IKO Poland expands with Pas Reform

IKO Kompania Drobiarska, established on the Polish poultry market since 1999, recently expanded its hatchery with Pas Reform equipment.

In 2008, Pas Reform already specified and installed an extension to IKO’s existing hatchery operations, adding 12 SmartHatch hatchers to work inline with their 30-year-old predecessors. In 2011, the company also selected SmartPro incubators, to more than double its hatchery capacity to 750,000 day-old-chicks per week. This has now been realised.

IKO is a forward-looking integration that has built a reputation for high quality poultry meat products, including the distribution of fresh and frozen ranges in Europe and Asia. Quality product has driven expansion in all its markets, and IKO is expanding accordingly.

Hatchery Manager, Mr Piotr Jarzębski, was responsible for selecting Pas Reform’s SmartPro incubation technologies. After a full year of testing he says, “We have chosen high quality incubators, reliable and unfailing, which we expect to work for many years with very little service. With these incubators, we have the level of support that allows us to focus entirely on incubation, to produce the highest quality DOC.”

IKO is using eggs from their seven breeder farms. Also they have seven broiler complexes. Along with the production increase, the plant has modernised its cooling system, slaughter livestock unloading process, production management and packaging methods.

All poultry are produced, reared and slaughtered under regular veterinary supervision, in a fully integrated environment that controls quality and conditions from the egg right through to meat production.

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