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Nutripollo commissions Pas Reform for hatchery expansion

Integrated poultry producer Nutripollo has commissioned Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies to renovate and expand its hatchery operations in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

During phase one of the project, Nutripollo’s existing hatchery is being completely renovated, to replace 30-year-old incubation equipment with six SmartSetPro setters and six SmartHatchPro hatchers. In phase two, due for completion in the first quarter of next year, a new extension, also equipped with SmartPro incubators, will double hatchery capacity.

Nutripollo is a long-established and well-respected poultry business in Mexico. Founded in 1963 by Jorge Quesada, the completion of this project will mark the company’s 50th anniversary year.

At 1,700m above sea level, Nutripollo’s hatchery faces the challenge of hatching eggs at altitude. Ranulfo Ortiz, Pas Reform’s business development director in Latin America, says this presents no problem for SmartPro single-stage incubators. “Mexico is an important market for Pas Reform. We have worked here for many years and we understand well how to manage the variety of climatic challenges throughout the region, from excessive humidity, to hatching at altitude.”

Cesar Quesada, director of operations, says that Nutripollo considers Pas Reform to have developed superior technologies for the incubation of poultry eggs. “We have seen how single-stage incubation suits modern breeds, and we are confident that with SmartPro incubators, we will improve both hatchability and day old chick quality.

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    I think that before expanding anything in this company, what they should immediately do is to stop the horrible smells that emanate from its operations when they release their toxins in the air that destroy the atmosphere for everyone for several kms around and bring risks to the lives of our children and elderly. after several years of complaints from the community they have not shown any interest or respect in fulfilling their civic duty to ensure that their operations are not harmful to the people who live in the community. Rather than renovate and expand their operations they should first be required to install equipment that prevents the release of their toxins into our atmosphere and ensure that they're operating a responsible business that cares for and protects the health and well being of the neigborhood in which it operates and the community that supports it.

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