News update:Jan 12, 2010

AB Vista launches Finase® EC in Brazil, Chile

AB Vista, supplier of new generation micro-ingredients for the animal feed industry, has announced the registration of Finase® EC in Brazil and Chile.

Finase® EC is a second generation bacterial 6-phytase, which improves phosphate and other phytate-bound nutrients for poultry, while remaining highly active in the intestine.  It also reduces the ecological impact from poultry excretions of phosphate, which can be harmful for the environment, says the company. Results have shown improvements in live weight gain and feed conversion ratio, which may be attributed to the increased nutrients released by Finase® EC.

Reporting on the registration, AB Vista’s Sales Director for the Americas, Dieter Suida, said: “Finase® EC completes the product range available in Brazil and Chile, which will help us to increase our reputation as a key player in the global animal feed industry.”

Richard Cooper, MD of AB Vista: “We are pleased to have extended the Finase® EC registration to Brazil and Chile, where it will improve animal performance and help to increase profitability.”

Natalie Berkhout

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