Danisco major on 'Healthy Nutrition Solutions' at Atlanta

With no fewer that 14 scientific papers presented at the recent International Poultry Scientific Forum (IPSF) in Atlanta, Danisco believes that it's drive to become the leader in providing healthy nutrition solutions to the animal production industry is gathering momentum.

The IPSF papers included subjects ranging from practical enzyme solutions (Avizyme® and Phyzyme®) for diets containing DDGS, to more fundamental research examining the histopathology and immune response of broilers on farms suffering gangrenous dermatitis outbreaks. Here the role for Danisco’s direct-fed microbial solutions (Avicorr®) was appraised, Danisco reports.

Speaking at Atlanta, James Laughton, Executive VP of Danisco Animal Nutrition, said “these papers demonstrate both the depth and breadth of our research interests in animal nutrition and health. With our recent acquisition of microbials businesses Agtech Products (US) and Sorbial (France) that compliment our strength in enzymes and betaine, we are now firmly positioned to become the global leader in healthy nutrition solutions for the animal production industry.”

Natalie Berkhout

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