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Poor water quality results in significant losses

Over one third (36%) of all drinking water in poultry houses is of poor quality, according to research by the Dutch Animal Health Service (GD).

While poultry farmers are critical regarding animal feed, water quality doesn't get enough attention according to GD. Poor water quality can lead to decreased performance in the birds.

According to calculation by the GD, water that is contaminated with moulds and yeasts can cost the farmer €12,000 per year (based on a farm with 30,000 layers). A bacteriological contamination of water on a farm of 30,000 broilers can lead leads to a loss of €2,000 per round.

Natalie Berkhout


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    Dr Henry Ruhinguka

    I agree with GD 100%. However I have views:
    1. The reserch should have told us at least an idea why water quality is neglected by many farmers.
    2. How the local area where the farm is located do affect water quality. I mean geographical area. Example in Tanzania where I practice I am sure the results are different, even areas in the same country or city.
    3. What should be done?
    Thank u

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    mazlum ozturk

    I agree about water quality affects the results number of died birds. But what kind of precautions can be taken.
    It based on water mineralisation, water contamination etc I think that some basics can be suggested by water experts.

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    Dr. A A Raji

    This is indeed a good research. But I will sincerely appreciate if apart from the two microbes(moulds and yeast) mentioned in the research, GD should have stated the other determinant of water quality i.e. minerals.

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    dr shams-ul-arfeen butt

    I am happy to read the article atleast somone has made an effort to raise the issue of water contamination. A lot more research is to be done on it yet, especially in the Asian region.

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    dr m aleem mushtaq

    Yes, its an excellent effort. More work need to be done in this respect to educate the farmers.

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    Informative article. Water is a very nutrient for poultry. While it has neglected by most of our farmer.Little focus on this, it will solve most of the disease outbreak in poultry farms

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