Indonesia: Feed consumption predicted to increase in 2012

With Indonesia's economic growth reaching 6.7%, feed consumption in Indonesia in 2011 reached 11.2 million tonnes. Whereas in 2010, feed consumption in 2011 was predicted about 10.3 million tonnes. In 2010, feed consumption was approximately 9.7 million tonnes.

With a production capacity that can still be improved, good economic growth, high-technology uptake and the level of local consumption of poultry products continuing to increase, feed consumption in 2012 is projected to reach 12.3 million tonnes, according to Indonesian Feed Mill Association.

Composition of the feed consumption is 45% broilers, 44% layers, 9% breeders and the rest are other livestocks.

Despite continued positive trends in feed consumption, the supply of raw materials is still largely imported. For example, the amount of corn imports continues to rise. Based on Indonesian Feed Mill Association data, corn imports in 2009 only about 334 thousand tonnes. Then in 2010 increased to 1.9 million tonnes and in 2011 it is estimated at about 3 million tonnes.

Import of raw materials (thousand tonnes)

Raw Material 2009 2010 2011*
Corn 334 1908 2545
SBM 2324 2869 2048
Fishmeal 66 52 59
DDGS 145 201 171
MBM 267 300 231
CGM 152 148 109
Feather meal 163 129 124








*January – August 2011
Source: the central statistical agency of Indonesia

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